About us

Oathall Veterinary Group was originally established in 1904 by Henry Taylor MRCVS (1870-1954).  Mr Taylor graduated from the New Veterinary College, Edinburgh in 1899.  He based his practice first at Sunnyside, Haywards Heath and then at Ormerod House, also in Haywards Heath.  Kenneth Stuart, Henry’s son in law, took over at the Oathall Road premesis in 1940, and ran the practice as a large animal only practice. In 1976, Mr Stuarts son Anthony Stuart took over the practice,  companion animals became more popular and the farm side dwindled.

In 2000 Mr Tony Stuart sold the building and the small animal practice to the four veterinary surgeons working for him at the time:

  • Mr Graham DeBaerdemaecker BVSc., MRCVS
  • Miss BAC Van-Duyn B.Vet.Med., MRCVS
  • Mrs J Mansfield B.Vet.Med., MRCVS
  • Mrs S Clark B.Vet.Med., MRCVS

The surgery was re-named ‘Oathall Veterinary Group’. The farm side continued in a much smaller way, run by Mr Stuart MRCVS and Mr Drake MRCVS, both of whom retired in 2003.

Today, our partners are joined by four assisting veterinary surgeons, and one regular locum veterinary surgeon:

  • Mr M. Clark BVSc., MRCVS
  • Miss L Toomey BVM&S, MRCVS
  • Mrs.Christiane Blahak MRCVS
  • Miss.Piya Kakar BVM&S,MRCVS
  • Miss N Fox BVSc.,MRCVS
  • Miss Megan Barnes BVSc.,MRCVS

Oathall Veterinary Group is a RCVS Accredited Practice and a veterinary nurse training practice.


We are proud to have met the rigorous standards needed to achieve accreditation from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

About the Scheme

Pets should be treated as members of the family and owners rightly want to be sure they receive excellent medical treatment. But how can you be sure?

The regulatory function of the RCVS means that users of veterinary services can be assured that their veterinary surgeon or registered/listed veterinary nurse is properly qualified and fit to practice.

The RCVS can also offer reassurance that those practice premises which it accredits as part of the Practice Standards Scheme meet stringent standards.

What is the Practice Standards Scheme

The RCVS Practice Standards Scheme (PSS) is a voluntary initiative to accredit veterinary practices in the UK. Through setting standard and carrying out regular inspections, the scheme aims to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care.

It offers peace of mind to clients of accredited practices and a more informed choice to the animal-owning public.

To become accredited, practices volunteer for rigorous inspection every four years and will have met a range of minimum standards including hygiene, 24-hour emergency cover, staff training, availability of specific types of equipment and cost estimation procedures. Practices are also subject to spot-checks between inspections.

RCVS accreditation is not to be confused with the practice being included in the RCVS Register of Veterinary Practice Premises (RVPP). The RVPP is held by the RCVS on behalf of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, and only veterinary surgeons working from registered premises can supply veterinary medicines.

For more information on the RVPP, visit the Register of Veterinary Practice Premises section on the main RCVS website. www.rcvs.org.uk

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