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BBQ Dangers

Summertime, especially holidays and weekends, is a great time to BBQ. Following a few safety tips will help to keep your BBQ safe for your pets: Remember that party food is not for pets. Make sure you keep food and drink out of reach.

Be aware of which “human foods” are dangerous to your pets, and make sure your guests know the rules too. Alcohol, corn on the cob and bones are particularly dangerous BBQ hazards for your pet. Greasy, spicy and high fat foods in general can cause an inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) which can be a very serious, and even sometimes fatal, disease.

Establish boundaries. Sizzling meat can be too hard to resist, and if swallowed whole can cause burns to the mouth and oesophagus and stomach irritation and ulceration. Having you pet under foot around a hot grill is dangerous for everyone.

Don’t give pets cooked bones, which can shatter easily, are a choking hazard, and can cause injury as the splinters can become lodged in or puncture your pet’s digestive tract.

Keep your pet away from insect-repellents, citronella candles, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers and rat poison, they are loaded with chemicals that are toxic to pets.

Keep rubbish out of reach. Our pets are skilled when it comes to sniffing out tasty leftovers. If covered in grease or other food leftovers, aluminium foil, plastic wrap, matches and kebab skewers can be very dangerous if your pet gets hold of them.

Make sure they don’t wander. Parties can be a busy time with friends, so make sure your pet doesn’t make an escape in the commotion. Be sure your dog or cat is wearing an up to date ID tag or has a microchip if they accidently get away. Guests unfamiliar with pets may not be careful going in and out of the house. If your pet appears anxious, take them to a quiet, unoccupied room for them to calm down and relax in.

Don’t light fireworks around your pets. The unfamiliar noise frightens pets and even small, quiet fireworks could burn your pet if they get too close. Keep unlit fireworks away from your pets. They are full of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Lastly, make sure children are supervised by an adult. Young guests unfamiliar with pets, or pets unfamiliar with the unpredictable movements of young children can be a recipe for injury.