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Beehive Update



We was pleased to receive the update below about our adopted beehive from SW Honey Farms today 
“It has now been a whole year since you first adopted your hive and I have a few statistics to share with you to show just how much of an impact adopting a beehive has had in the first year.
The queen in your hive has produced between 100,000 – 200,000 honey bees this year. The maximum number of honey bees in the hive this year was around 80,000 bees! The amount of flowers that were pollinated based on the amount of honey produced are around 130 million flowers! This is an incredible number and all because you helped support the adoption scheme.
Your hive also contributed to creating 3 new colonies of bees. This is called splitting and the process is taking 2 frames of brood and a frame of food. They are then moved over 3 miles away so the flying bees do not fly back to their original hive location and new queens are introduced. These are then fed and will be full working colonies ready for the coming season!
You are now in your second year of adoption and this year brings a more in depth look at things such as raising queens and so much more”
We are proud to support this wonderful cause and to be helping the environment in the process