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Finding a kennels

Boarding kennels are probably the most commonly used holiday option but they are not necessarily ideal for every dog. Some dogs, for example the old or the timid, might find it a particularly stressful experience. It is important to consider if your dog would be happier in a home environment with family, friends or a pet sitter.

Finding a kennel  

When visiting a kennel ask yourself:-

Are the kennels clean and dry?

Do the animals look clean and happy?

Has the kennel asked for proof of vaccination? If not, your dog may be at risk of disease.

Many kennels will require that your dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough. This is an infectious disease which can not only be caught from kennels but from any area where an infected dog has been. We strongly advise vaccination, even if the kennels do not.

Is there an up to date licence from the local council?

Is there adequate insurance if your pet needs emergency care?

We hope your pets enjoy their holiday as much as you enjoy yours!