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Selecting an Insurance Company

We are not in a position to promote /advise which Company to insure your pet with, however, we suggest where possible you take out a lifelong policy (this covers you for the pets life rather than just one year from when a condition is diagnosed). Read the small print to see if there are any exclusions.  If you are looking to change from one Company to another be aware that any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.  Something else to bear in mind is the  policy excess.  Most Insurers charge an excess per condition.  If your policy is due for renewal  whilst making a claim, you may be required to pay another excess. Some policies charge a percentage excess, as well as a fixed excess, on the total cost of a claim

How to claim

The process is different between Insurers. In your policy documents it should tell you how to submit a claim.  If you need any help finding this out please email insurance@oathallvets.co.uk with the name of the company who the pet insurance is with and the animals policy number.  We will then be able to advise you of the quickest way to make a claim or call 01444 440224 and press option 5.

Oathall’s Practice Policy

Payment should be made by the client at the time of treatment.  Provide us with the name of the Insurance Company and your policy number.   Some Insurance Companies require a claim form to be completed by the policyholder and others accept portal claims via their website(s).  If a claim form is needed please make sure the policyholders section is completed and signed.  We charge a small processing fee (one fee per condition per year) this is due to the work involved in sending the claim off (Itemising invoices, history, filling in the relevant paperwork and communication with the Insurance Company).

If you do require a ONE OFF direct claim – where the Insurance Company pay us (only available where treatment costs exceed £500) it must be agreed by the Practice at the beginning of any treatment.  To arrange this please call 01444 440224 pressing option 5 and have to hand the Company name, policy number and what excess is required.  We do charge a higher processing fee for this due to the increased workload involved.  Once the claim has been sent off any further treatment will need to be paid for at the time of treatment.  If the Insurer declines to settle the insurance claim or any outstanding amount it is your responsibility to settle the account with us within 7 days.

If you have any questions please call 01444 440224 and press option 5 or ask to speak to Nikki Wood RVN, if you prefer to email please use insurance@oathallvets.co.uk