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Cat Health Factsheets


Cats are now the most popular domestic pet in the UK. Although some people still get a cat almost by accident you would be wise to think carefully about everything a cat requires before going ahead. A cat needs lots of love and care, including regular preventative treatment for worms and other parasites, vaccinations and dental care. You will also need to keep an eye out for other potential health problems such as ticks, fleas and ear mites. If your new kitten or cat hasn’t been neutered you will also need to make arrangements for your pet to be neutered by your vet.

Cats are very independent and often go wandering over large distances. If your cat goes missing it is very difficult to identify its owner unless it carries some form of permanent identification. It is wise to get your cat microchipped – will avoid heartache in the long run should your cat go missing.

Don’t forget that cats need somewhere warm to sleep, a litter tray, a constant supply of water, daily feeds and toys to play with. You will have to take into account the costs for food, cat litter, veterinary care and pet insurance. You will also have to pay for cattery charges when you go on holiday.

Cats commonly live up to 14 years old and occasionally much longer, over this time your cat will expect lots of care, companionship, time for play and grooming. You need to provide all of this to ensure you and your cat make the most of your time together.

Cat Factsheets A – Z