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Post Operative Care

After a general anaesthetic, fresh water should be made available on a little and often basis and a light meal offered in the evening. Don’t worry if you pet does not eat or drink the first night or if he/she is sick; this will be due to the anaesthetic. In the case of vomiting do not offer further food or water until the next day. If the vomiting or lack of appetite persists the following day please contact the surgery.

We are able to provide specially formulated, easily digested, tinned foods which are suitable for animals after surgery. Please ask on admission or collection if you would like this. We also have prescription foods for a range of specials conditions. Please ask if interested.

There may be a slight cough after an anaesthetic due to intubation during anaesthesia, if this persists or gets worse contact the surgery.

There may be a shave mark, usually on the right foreleg, if your pet has had an intravenous anaesthetic or injection. There may also be one on the neck if a blood sample has been taken.

Sutures (stitches) will either be of the dissolving kind or will need to be removed. The nurse will tell you which type and when to come back if necessary. There is no charge for removing sutures.

It is most important when abdominal operations have been performed that the patient must not be allowed to run, jump, stretch or become excited until the wound has healed.

We may advise that a cat is kept indoors after surgery. Please be prepared with cat litter and a tray. These are available to purchase if necessary.

Frequently, particularly when large tumours have been removed, the ‘dead’ space remaining under the skin will fill up with fluid. This is seen as a fluctuating swelling. Please phone the surgery if this becomes extreme.

After most routine operations patients recover uneventfully so there will usually be no further charge after the initial payment. However, due to the unpredictability of living tissue coupled with the animals natural instinct to clean its wound and occasionally take out its own sutures, further work may become necessary which will not be covered by the original fee