Rabbit Nurse Clinics!

We are now offering Rabbit Nurse Clinics to all our lovely rabbit owners with RVN Jenny!
They will be run on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Just give us a call on 01444 440224 to see which dates are available! 🙂

The cost of the clinic is £14.54 to include a general health check, looking at the rabbit’s claws, which Jenny will cut if too long, checking the rabbit’s bottom for flystrike, urine scalding or matting. Jenny will also make sure your bunny doesn’t doesn’t have any eye issues and that there are no mites.
Jenny will also be giving advice on vaccinating your bunny to prevent life threatening diseases as well as preventing flystrike, and what preparations and treatments are available to use as the weather is starting to warm up.

Other things you can ask Jenny about are… diet, neutering, grooming and any other queries you may have.

Problems to look out for are things like… lack of droppings, dribbling from mouth, gunky eyes and a reduced appetite for certain types of food.

We also have an online shop where you can purchase everything you need for your bunny, just follow the link:


Here’s a pic of Jenny and her bunny Roo!

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