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The Oathall Beehive!

We were thrilled today to receive this update about our adopted beehive from SW Honey Farms
Your hive is currently working tirelessly to bring in honey from wild summer flowers. Looking at the pollens coming into the hive the main source for this year’s summer honey is from blackberry, lime trees and sweet chestnut. The blackberry pollen is a greyish green colour whereas the lime is a bright vibrant orange colour. Your hives queen is still laying eggs everyday and doing very well. In the picture attached your queen can be seen with her attendants walking around the frame looking for a suitable cell to lay in.
Not only are they collecting the honey and pollen, they are pollinating millions of flowers in the process which is what these adoptions are all about. For your 4 jars of honey to have been collected, the bees have visited 4,000,000 flowers and pollinated them in the process. They will be working these wild flowers until the middle of August where the next round of honey extraction will begin.