Laser Therapy

Do you have a cat or dog that suffers from any of the following –

-Hip Dysplasia
-Lick Granulomas
-Trauma Cystitis in cats
-Post Dental

Then laser therapy can be the answer to drug free, pain free relief for your pet. This is a relatively new idea to veterinary medicine but has been used on humans for much longer. It provides deep tissue penetration that goes even further than massage and gives instant relief from pain by de-sensitising nerve endings that are over sensitised through pain and inflammation.

It is fantastic for acute and chronic pain and speeds healing time.

During our trial period for this machine at Oathall we were overwhelmed with the results that we simply could not stop our patients having access to this pain free, pain relieving therapy.

Your pet will generally need a few sessions but the amount varies greatly depending on the condition. Most insurance companies cover the cost of the laser therapy so it’s something to bear in mind. (we do advise you check with your insurer first).

The time scale between treatments depends on what you are treating with the laser therapy and shall be determined by the Nurse who has been trained in laser therapy. For example, an arthritic dog may require 3 sessions over 4-5 days then 2 sessions the following week, reducing to one session a week then every other week then monthly. Each session takes approximately 20 minutes.

A referral from a vet is needed before the treatment can take place confirming that this is ok for your pet

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Laser Therapy